local is lekker

basically anything middle eastern makes my eyes twinkle with glee. food, clothes, design, architecture when i was in israel, jordan and turkey these for the things that kept my heart happy. i was in my element walking around and getting lost in the side streets. like a kid in a toy store – i wanted everything i saw. sadly on a pennyless travellers budget having everything wasn’t a reality, so like they teach us in school i weighed up my wants vs my ‘survival’ needs. shelter, transport and food is what i spent a great deal of my budget on, which wasn’t such a terrible thing because it is probably the best way to experience a country and it’s culture – mix with the locals, however a gorgeous vintage boutique shirt/dress would also have been nice. 😉

the food option wasn’t so good for my waistline but it was certainly good for inspiring me to cook/bake, basically live in the kitchen when i got home. domestic paige is out to play.

[watch this space for interesting cooking stories, as well as delicious (we hope) recipes to try yourself]

side note; i’m proud to say i didn’t eat mac donalds, burger king or any of those other ‘fancy’ fast food joints whilst aboard – “snapsforpaige”.


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