dear dairy…

if someone had told me 3 years ago that i would work on a dairy farm milking cows in israel for 6 months i would of laughed literally in their faces, but it happened. working on a kibbutz in israel was a really great and interesting experience. i met amazing people and saw amazing things the only downside to this venture is it turned me totally off dairy. now for someone like me who LOVES food, i’ll basically eat anything thats put in front of me. being turned off dairy has thrown a massiveĀ spanner in the works – what do i eat now? all the good dishes have dairy in them, i.e. mac and cheese, most cakes, toasted cheese sandwiches, smoothies, cereal, the list goes on.

if im going to label myself, i’m basically vegan who still enjoys fish, so 90% vegan. never in my wildest dreams did i think i would be able to never eat dairy and meat again, i loved cheese too much but the desire for meat, cheese basically anything good has simple disappeared. (it’s a sad story)

what i am enjoying about this whole new vegan venture is the fact that i get to try and experiement different types of weird and wonderful cooking styles. i feel like i’m constantly experimenting and it certainly has made cooking more interesting because i actually have to think about what to cook, or bake…yes, you can actually bake without eggs & dairy and surprisingly i’ve been quite impressed with the treats i conjured up onto a plate.

side note; watch this space for some delicious (non expertise) recipes and tips on vegan cooking and baking.


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