lunchtime delight

ever tried a soy burger?

i’ve always been a burger lover, i mean i even used to work in a burger restaurant so when i gave up meat i knew not having my burger intake ¬†was going to be one of my biggest challenges yet. however i now no longer need to stress because i found a perfect substitue…let me introduce you to the soy burgers from earth products – simply delishes and so easy to prepare.


1 x soy burger pattie from earth products (
rye bread
red onion

20130805_123939 copy



things are heating up

recently purchased possibly the best cooking book i have ever had the joy of “reading” . almost every dish gets my taste buds tingling. not only does the book cater for my new found eating habit of being vegan – substituting¬†all recipes that call for milk with soy milk or rice milk but its also so easy to follow and each recipe i’ve tried has turned out fabulously. great success. i can say is thank you mellissa bushby you have certainly inspired me to get cooking in the kitchen.